I am as as God created me

“I am as God created me”.

Surely you have heard a statement similar to that one. Or perhaps uttered it yourself. But do you truly believe it? Do you believe that you are who you are and where you are for a reason? Do you believe there is a divine plan in play or is the world simply chaos with a series of random events that are happening that have no connection?

I happen to believe that I am exactly where God intended me to be. I have been through many ups and downs throughout my life but feel there is a grand plan for myself and all of creation. This concept is tough to believe when you think of tragic events or the strife that seems to be so common in our world. It is easy to question that God has a plan when so many negative events are happening around us. Just watch the evening news if you want to really start questioning things.

I accept, however, that there is a plan and that all that has happened is in the past. I am putting a stop to negative thoughts and the replay of events that occurred long ago. I look forward to a great day and a better tomorrow. And in doing so the fears I have often dealt with subside and misery and death do not exist.

I have written previously about my propensity to dwell in the past on negative things but am coming to realize this simple phrase “I am as God created me” is true and offers me a perfect vision that heals past mistakes that my mind has blown far out of proportion. It heals the past and sets me free to move forward into a better future. It is all the past undone and the present saved to quietly extend into a timeless future.

You are as God created you. The power of this concept is limitless and is the birthplace of all miracles. Today accept this as truth, honor your Self, and move forward to a brighter future.

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