Forgiveness is the key to happiness.

At times this world is confusing and full of doubt. Evil attacks me in several forms and on several fronts. I am seeking peace and fulfillment and a life that is far simpler than the one I lead. Does forgiveness hold the key? 

I have read that the unforgiving mind is full of fear and blocks love which should fill our hearts and minds. I am coming to accept this as truth and have started to reach out to several people I need to forgive and begin a new relationship with. I want to immediately cut off thoughts of reliving past mistakes and regret and open my mind to love and peace.  

The unforgiving mind is full of depression, regret and anxiety. It is sad, without the hope of respite and release from pain. It lives in misery and darkness and has kept me from becoming the person I want to be. I make no mistakes as I relive past moments that didn’t go the way I planned. I’m always right and others sinful, wrong, stupid, weak, etc.  

It is easy to fall into this trap as sin and chaos are everywhere in this world and hope is sometimes difficult to imagine. And thus, the cycle continues.  

Changing my thought process has not been an easy task. For reasons I am not exactly sure of I started to become a negative, pessimistic, and unforgiving person more than twenty years ago. I’ve wanted to change, but never really serious enough to consistently address my shortcomings. I did not become this negative person overnight and changing myself and really accepting forgiveness is taking time as well. Forgiveness is not just about forgiving others but also about forgiving yourself and this may be the hardest lesson of them all.  

Someone has to take the initiative in starting this key to salvation. With forgiveness, as you release yourself you also give others the opportunity to do the same. Perhaps the momentum of this act can carry on to other people. And it can all start by you deciding to take a stand and start fresh.  

I do feel Forgiveness is the key to happiness. I believe it can awaken me from the slumber I have been in for much of life. I will accept this gift that God has given me and look forward to a brighter future.

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