Are we seeking the wrong goals?

I was recently introduced to a successful business owner who is an author, motivational speaker, and “life coach”. The title of one his books “You Need More Money” claims, as the title states, that the key to happiness is making more money. In the book’s introduction the author claims “…the truth is that everywhere you turn, your life is calling for more money. Money for bills, cars, lessons, tutors, the mortgage, eating out, vacations, retirement….. the list goes on.” He goes on to inform the reader that he is the “President and CEO of three companies that produce annual business of over $100 million; but you won’t see me slowing down, I still need MORE MONEY.”

When does it ever end? Is the author seeking the wrong goals and obsessed in obtaining something that is unobtainable?

“He boasts about the cravings of his heart; he blesses the greedy and reviles the Lord”, Psalm 10:3.

The problem in this never ending pursuit lies with the imperfection of this world and the temporary things we acquire that give us a momentary rush of adrenaline only to see their luster soon fade. The desire for more acquisitions only increases as each one is acquired as no earthly possession ever quenches the thirst.

What are the goals you are setting? Are they based on earthly treasures that are impermanent or do your goals lie beyond this world? Earthly goals are fleeting and are to some degree meaningless and full of danger. You obtain one goal only to have that one replaced by two more. But in the end what have you really accomplished?

In your striving and searching for fulfillment you really just become like a hamster on a wheel that keeps spinning forever. And with each step you get to tell yourself “I still need MORE MONEY.”

I’m not advocating you don’t work hard and take care of yourself and your family with the essentials that are needed. But you have the power to determine what those essentials are and where you place your true dreams and goals.

Search for Heaven and place your bets on what lies ahead, not on what lies here on this earth. And don’t wait, as this lifestyle and the choices you make are available today. Heaven is a far better alternative to this flawed world and its ever changing goals and it continual highs and lows.

Don’t be stressed about things you don’t have or envy others that seem to be “winning” while here on earth. God will provide what is needed and offer a promise of a much better life after this one.

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