Our footprint on this world


I ran across a video Floating Island of Trash that really caught my attention and reminded me of something that I am thinking about more and more. And that is, “What are we leaving for the generation behind us”?

The obvious problem seems to be that we are a throw-away society and manufacture more and more things out of plastic and other materials that don’t biodegrade. Once we use them for a short time we put them in a bin, set it out to the curb, and then magically it is gone forever. And then we buy more; lots more.

But when you think about it the fact that we package nearly everything in a material that basically doesn’t break down and then will be around for hundreds or even thousands of years really isn’t the root cause of the problem.

The problem is we, at least us here in America, live a life of excess and materialism that is never quenched. We always want more. And that is the problem.

I have chased “more” all my life and found out it is never enough. It’s a trap that more and more people fall into that can be very difficult to extricate yourself from.

When I graduated from college I did not have an idea what I wanted to do. Get a job. Make some money. Get rid of the ’67 VW and buy a new car. Get an apartment and be on my own. Those were my goals. Everything I owned, including my awesome stereo and record player would fit in that VW. And despite being naive and immature I had very little stress in my life.

I pursued the American dream and was rewarded with a good deal of success. I found a good job, moved up the company ladder, and started spending all the money I made. In fact, that wasn’t enough, as I had to go out and get some credit cards and max those out. And, of course, I needed a big house and the mortgage to go along with it.

And it just went from there.

I’ve never found happiness obtaining a bigger house or more stuff.

The only thing that increased was my stress level. And, of course, the size of the trash bin I sat out by the street on Wednesdays.

There is more to life than this rat race. Stop the madness.


4 thoughts on “Our footprint on this world

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  1. And us in the UK too … The government is trying to impose rules and regulations, but it’s all too little too late. I think we’re all a bit lazy sometimes too … for example it’s easier and nicer to buy a packet of three leeks with the roots trimmed looking pretty in plastic, than pick three of our own and do it ourselves …. Our grandparents would be ashamed.


  2. Well said. More stuff does not equate to more happiness. If anything, it leads to more stress and having to spend more time managing and organizing all your stuff. Your post really resonates with me as I’ve been trying to live more with less.

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