You Cannot Serve Two Masters

How you see the world is based on your values and the choices you make each day. If fear and hate fills your heart you will have a difficult time accepting your neighbor as your own. If fear cripples you into inaction and anxiety you will be unable to find true happiness and fulfillment. You cannot love if you continue to be plagued by the negative attributes of this world. In hate and fear you are unable to see the world’s true potential and thus your thoughts and actions separate you from the life you desire.

I think most people would agree with those thoughts but the question is “How do I change my thought patterns and set aside those thoughts which are causing me pain?”

Hate, fear, anxiety, and all other negative conditions associated with this world are not found in God. Love, on the other hand, is of God and offers us a glimpse of things to come beyond this life. It is imperative to understand this and to agree that you cannot have true love in your heart if you continue to also have earthly attributes such as fear and hate.

But while you may agree this is a difficult goal to obtain and makes me sound pious by suggesting such a perfect attitude is possible. Haven’t we been told all our life that we are full of sin and incapable of consistently making the right choices?

But let us assume that you cannot hate and love at the same time. If you are attempting to balance these two traits you will find that your thoughts are filtered or even blocked all together by worldly attributes and you are unable to truly offer love to the world. Fear blocks your vision of love and hope leaving you surrounded by a constant barrage of negative thoughts. Your vision, perceptions, and ultimately your actions are guided by what you surround yourself with.

Fortunately what you have made reality is not real at all. You have been duped into believing your deepest fears and shortcomings are real and not imagined. But imagined they are.

Even though they are not real, I have struggled mightily in correcting my thought patterns and today have some days that are better than others. I do believe that accepting God and dismissing negative thoughts and temptation is imperative but I am far from winning this daily battle. I will continue to determine how I can consistently make the right choices and eliminate the earthly thought patterns which I have believed to be true.

Throughout today I will ask God for strength and motivation so I can find deliverance and freedom.

2 thoughts on “You Cannot Serve Two Masters

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  1. Thought patterns, especially negative ones, are difficult to change. It takes self awareness and motivation to reframe a negative into a positive. Keep encouraging yourself, you will ultimately benefit.


  2. I John 4:18

    Of course, simply siting a passage (not even quoting it) is such a stripped-down answer. But it is God’s word.

    This world is built on love and is sustained in love. You don’t actually require a Bible verse to know it either. Anyone not knowing it is in denial. Love is the elephant in the room.

    Your mama might have been horribly flawed as a person. She might have been a drunk, a whore, a drug addict… whatever. But it was “love-making” that created you – even if it was abused when it made you. And your mother, or someone stepping in for her, must have fed you and changed you, because when you came into this life, you were so utterly helpless that you would die in a few hours if someone didn’t care at least a little.

    If you can read this comment, someone cared.

    Love is so easily abused. But when we respect it and reciprocate with it, there is no power in the world greater.


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