Material Possessions offer Little Satisfaction

There is a strong interest in Minimalism and the desire to not be weighed down with earthly possessions and the burdens that are often associated with them. Some would argue that the world offers you nothing of value and that the continued pursuit of material possessions leads to misery and countless disappointments. I tend to agree with these thoughts and have my own firsthand experiences as evidence this is true.

Some believe there is no after life and thus what happens here… and I guess what you accomplish and acquire here…. is all there is to it. The adage “He who dies with the most toys wins” would be their mantra. But others think there is no need to worry about what happens in this world as we eventually leave its small and petty ways behind and pass on to another life after death.

So much is written about goals and pursuing wealth and money. Visit YouTube and some of the videos by Tony Robbins or Grant Cardone and you will see a carefully crafted persona that you are invited to become more like. There is a huge training industry around wealth acquisition and they have built empires on training people to be more like them. But does the persistent pursuit of “success” as we know it here in America bind you in chains that keep you from finding true happiness? Do these things in a way blind you and keep you from finding true awareness of yourself and where real “success” lies?

Temptation follows as you acquire more earthly treasures and you only find motivation to acquire more. Satisfaction always seems to be right around the corner, but it is illusive and never obtained. We are tricked into thinking that the new (insert item you are coveting) is going to lead to tremendous happiness but, it only delays your progress and march towards true salvation.

I was fortunate about three years ago to become completely debt free and for a short period of time was able to live my life with little stress or worry. But sadly I fell right back into the trap I have just described. We needed a new car. In fact we needed two. And our old house, while paid for, wasn’t good enough so we built a new one. And then I looked up two years later and I had been snared and trapped as I had so many previous times in my life. How in the world did that happen?

It happened because the Devil uses this trick to pull us back into misery.

I am far from being “healed” of this affliction, however, and will have to continually monitor myself. I was looking online recently at a piece of excavation equipment I coveted and the desire to acquire this “thing” was so strong I could feel my blood pressure rising. That’s really sad and shows you how powerful this attraction can be and also points out to how weak I am.

I have a plan to once again get back out of debt, but have I truly learned my lesson, or will I once again enslave myself to this world and hinder my ability to find true happiness? I hope I will not repeat those mistakes, but I need God’s help to protect me.

I pray today to not be tempted by this world and to accept the fact it offers nothing that I truly need. I pray that I see the true prizes I should be pursuing. I pray for strength and persistence in staying on my current course.

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  1. I think that is why I like long distance walking. Your whole world and worldly possessions are shrunk to what can fit in your backpack. The more you carry, the heavier it is. It really makes you think about what your priorities are and is always revealing as to how little we actually need to survive. I always return home renewed and refreshed from such a simple way of living and traveling. Thanks for your thoughts, Mel

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