2011 (1825)

We usually write about hiking and the great outdoors but I ran across these photos from a few years ago when we raced the GTI in a local Sportscar Club of America event at the Texas Motor Speedway and thought I needed to post them.

2011 (1828)We put some helmets on, slapped our number on the side of the car and we were ready to roll. In the “stock” class you race against similar cars with one car on the track at a time with your laps timed and then compared to the other cars. It was raining hard which made it tough to drive in but the front wheel drive Volkswagon held its on against faster track cars, especially those that were rear wheel drive and couldn’t get much traction.

2011 (1831)

We saw several cars go spinning off the track but we managed to finish all 5 laps without any mishaps and turn in times in the middle of the pack despite my inexperience. I threw in a photo of a Mazda Miata as they are the most popular car in these events and one I’d like to own someday just to bring out here. Even on a bad day we had a blast and the camaraderie the drivers and mechanics have with each other is special and one I could really get into if we did this on a regular basis. So, take your car, any car, bring a helmet, sign up, slap some taped numbers on the side, and see if this isn’t as much fun as the law will allow.

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