Foggy day in Keller, Texas


While we no longer live here we enjoyed the 15 years we lived in Keller. Our three kids were raised here and we will always have good memories of the times we spent like the ones at Bear Creek Park which is right in the middle of the city.IMG_0137

Bear Creek starts as a small creek just north of this area and eventually makes its way to the Trinity River which is the main river that Dallas/Fort Worth was built on. Several cities, Keller, Colleyville, and Euless have built extensive trails along Bear Creek with the vision of them being joined together for a 40 mile long trail and after more than 30 years they are getting pretty close to making this happen. Most of the trail is concrete which might be tough for the runners but its always clean and in pristine condition. Even while you are in the middle of a large urban population wild life abounds along the trail and the creek has been utilized, obviously for drainage, but also to protect the natural habitat and scenery.


This small lake is located on part of the trail sits adjacent to Keller’s town hall and town center which has shops as well as apartments and town homes. Its a great place to have dinner or a cup of coffee once you are done with your walk.


I really appreciate good landscape design and what they did with this piece of land is impressive. Even though modern buildings are all around the symmetry of the space is unique and the functionality of the land has been preserved for the public to use for generations. I very much enjoy the country but when public and private partnership come together to develop urban property in the right way we are left with something that can be used by the citizens for the long future ahead.



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