Alright, I confess I haven’t quite got past Thanksgiving yet and the great day we had with our family. I wanted to get this picture in though, not so much as another celebration of the holiday, but to point out how great the hobby of photography is (sorry for the horrible segue).  I was wanting to show “depth of field” in this shot which is tough to do with a close up and a 55MM lense but I think it came out pretty good with the subjects in focus and the background blurred. In my opinion there is no better way to set a photograph apart than blurring the background to bring into focus what you are really trying to illuminate. Speaking of illumination…. I took this photo on a really bright day but with a flash set to auto it really makes for a different photo that appears to be shot at night.

You probably are beginning to notice that I am a man of varied interest… truly a “jack of all trades and a master of none”. I always loved science as a kid and my Dad got me interested in photography at a young age and bought me an old box camera that took surprisingly good pictures. I later was on the Annual Staff in high school as a photographer and did a lot of film developing as well. I never got serious at photography and my skills are pretty limited but I know a good shot when I see one. What a great hobby and one I had more time to pursue.

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