Day after Thanksgiving


I decided it wouldn’t be right for me to be “blogging” on Thanksgiving Day, not with a dozen people showing up so many things needing to be done. First, I need to give thanks to my wife and daughter who did most of the work to make this a special day. Also, let me give thanks to Martha Stewart… yes, Martha as we followed her turkey recipe calling for us to brine the turkey over night. Pretty simple really as there are many recipes online that can be used to make brine with salt water and herbs and spices to your liking. The turkey had a great flavor but most importantly was the moistest I have ever had. Try it if you haven’t had the chance to.

Cooking aside we had all of our kids as well as other family and friends join us and had a great time eating too much, watching some football (that didn’t go to well for the Cowboys), and then playing outside with the kids at a neighborhood park. We did also sincerely give thanks to the good things we have been blessed with and I prayed that we could also set aside and negative or pessimistic thoughts so we could really reflect upon those great blessings. We are so fortunate to live in a great home in a vibrant area with so many good people in our lives.

Let’s try and keep that feeling going each and every day.


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