Becoming One with God

What does it mean to be “One with God”? Is it an emotionally charged experience? Are you like a Pentecostal speaking in tongues, or deep in a meditative state like the Dalai Lama? Is it even possible, or is it just reserved for a chosen few?

I am going through a study that talks about the concept of being “One with God” which is a concept that I have never thought about. It is talked about many times in the Bible as well as other religions but it is not something that I have ever seriously considered.

When I think of someone in a type of meditative trance or someone speaking in tongues I am usually skeptical and in the past would have considered them a fraud or perhaps delusional. But perhaps I was wrong to judge them or just uneducated and not understanding what their intentions were.

I have had moments in the past, almost always brought on by a perceived need that I had, where I prayed for God’s help and asked him to deliver me or show me a sign or direction. I’m sure I offered to stop doing this or that or that I would somehow make a change for the better as my offering for God’s assistance. I’ve come to believe this most likely does not happen but am beginning to understand what is meant by becoming “One with God” and even feel God is pointing me in a certain direction.

Many religions, not just Christianity, have a similar concept. Usually the individual, through prolonged disciplines, gives up completely all attachment to his personal limitations, hopes and fears, and in effect becomes able to achieve the “At-One” state. With pride and personal ambitions dissolved the person then becomes relaxed and accepts that God is in control. This, of course, is much different than trying to earn your way to Heaven through good deeds, praying more, or trying harder to “be a good person”. In essence you stop trying and just relax.

This is where I get confused.

If you just stop trying and relax how can you simultaneously get through “prolonged psychological disciplines”?  If this refers to resisting temptation and changing our countless evil thoughts and ways then it sounds a little tougher than simply “relaxing”.

But, whether it is simple or it takes tough discipline I do think this state, where you surrender all your hang ups and short comings is the key to becoming “At-One” and finding a state of bliss. I’ve read where this surrendered, born-again state was referred to as psychic self-annihilation. I think that is a good term to describe it. You are throwing out your fears, stress, limitations of various forms as well as hope, pride, and ambition.

The ego tricks us into thinking we need to concoct ways to survive in this world and leads us to making life much harder than it needs to be. Whether it’s “relaxing” or becoming “disciplined” I’m not sure, however, I am trying to get to this simpler state in hopes of letting go and accepting that God is in control. Perhaps as that happens I will come to know the state of “Being One with God”.

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