Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, Utah

Portland August 2015 122

Ok, shoot me. I got a little carried away with the color editing on this photo. Kind of looks like the ground is covered in some type of lemon sauce.

If possible, put that aside as this part of Northeast Utah was pretty cool and a wonderful place to camp and see an amazing night sky. The gorge gets its name from the red sandstone cliffs that are found as the Green River makes it way 91 miles south until it hits the dam making up this massive reservoir.

Flaming Gorge2

It is so quiet and peaceful that you can imagine what it must have been like for the first explorers who floated the river back in 1869. Much of the west was settled during this period as people flooded to the west looking for gold or just a better way of life. With fresh water and the river loaded with trout they found an area that could sustain and protect them from the harsh winter and primitive surroundings they were faced with. And to think, we complain about not having internet coverage!

Portland August 2015 128

We did some trail running before the sun went down and found some amazing views and rock formations. The area was covered with these wild flowers that seemed to be in bloom everywhere.

Portland August 2015 108

Late in the day the rocks are awash with red color. You will be hard pressed to find so much color in such a arid setting.

Portland August 2015 132

Portland August 2015 114Portland August 2015 118Portland August 2015 125The temperature was perfect all day and night and made for some great night skies. I wish we had a telescope as the sky was so clear and free of any pollution. Nighttime in these remote places is a great experience as the sky seems “round” like a planetarium and you see stars you don’t see in a big city.  Portland August 2015 135

Portland August 2015 113

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