What I really want to say

12 03 17 Xmas Photo (16) (2017_12_04 02_33_18 UTC)Usually my posts are about our travels and hiking adventures. I have been fortunate in my life and blessed in many ways with a great wife and family, a good career that has provided for us, and the luck of being born and raised in a great place to live. I am also fortunate to be healthy and vibrant which many people in the 50’s cannot say.

However, I have for much of the past 30 years taken this success for granted and have not given thanks for my well being. But I am ready to change that state of mind.

Strangely, I did not start this blog with the sole purpose of posting beautiful photographs of nature and the great outdoors. It really came about due to my unhappiness and desire to change my life and my impact on others, especially my family, and to others in this world.

Even though I started the ClearSkyTexas blog only two months ago the roots of its creation go back at least 20 years. Back in the 90’s I started to think I wanted to write a book about my life experiences and to be completely open about my past. But I have been, and continue to be, afraid of hurting others or what people might say. I am still not sure how I will answer that question but feel inspired in large part by some of the people and their blogs I have found here on WordPress. If you take the time to build your blog and look and explore others you find an amazing world right at your fingerprints.

I follow a very diverse set of people, many who do not share my beliefs or religion, but are interesting. informative and motivational in their own way. This reminds me, regardless of your color, religion, geography, etc. that we are all God’s creatures, each sharing the same basic desires, instincts, and needs. I enjoy following those who are interested in improving their lives and putting their past behind them. These folks also seem to simultaneously want to improve the lives of others so thanks to a couple of great blogs I follow, A Fractured Faith and A Sober Miracle because they are really doing a great job in helping make this world a better place. They have also, like many of you that I follow, motivated me to be more open and honest in hopes that I can do the same.

Today I will give thanks for everything I have been blessed with and hope you can do the same. I will tell several people I love them. I hope that you have a great day and can do the same.



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