Knob Hill Trail, Lake Grapevine, Texas

2012 (1335)

One of our favorite locations for trail running, mountain bike riding, or just escaping the big city is found on the west side of Lake Grapevine at the Knob Hill Trail. The trail is a nearly 11 mile long loop though a rough Texas landscape with a fair amount of elevation change. When you are running this trail it is hard to imagine that the trail head is located on a busy road near a large population center. Almost immediately you are off into a rugged wilderness that looks like you are far off the beaten path.

2012 (1366)

The trail is rocky as it climbs up and down tracing the water shed of Marshall Creek before it empties into Lake Grapevine. As you get closer to the lake the soil is more fertile and the scene changes into more a forested landscape. There is a diverse range of vegetation and trees including several different types of cactus like these prickly pairs. When spring comes much more color shows up as the cactus flower as well as blankets of wildflowers in some areas.

2012 (1330)

2012 (1318)

These photos were taken during the winter so the landscape is pretty barren with most of the plants dormant for the season. There is a great deal of wildlife in this area including deer, wild hogs, and armadillos and if you hit the trail early in the morning you are sure to see something.

2012 (1327)

I’ve never been a big fan of “pounding the pavement” when running and would much rather have a trail that forces you to constantly adjust your footing as you traverse the trail. Plus being out is nature is so much more rewarding.

2012 (1325)

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