Little River National Wildlife Refuge

When most people think of Oklahoma they think of a wind swept plain, but tucked away in the southeastern corner of Oklahoma, Little River National Wildlife Refuge encompasses 13,660 acres of bottomland hardwood forest habitat, looks like a Louisiana swamp and seems out of place for what you would think you would find in Oklahoma.Little river refuge

The Little River starts in this area and then runs east until it runs into the Red River and eventually the Mighty Mississippi. It is a great place to hike, camp, fly fish, or just lounge around and do not much of anything. We floated the river in inner tubes and had a great day enjoying this unique spot in the south.




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  1. Hi, I noticed you just checked out my poem “Texas” so I thought I’d have a look at you. The photo at the top of this post looks very much like some place in Australia and I would love to know if they really are Eucalyptus camaldulensis because it would be fantastic if such a typical Australian habitat was recreated in the US. If you google Eucalyptus camaldulensis you will see what I mean.


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