Park Rapids, MN

2015 06 (67)

I wrote earlier about one of our trips to Northern Minnesota and a trip we made to the start of the Mississippi River. Our family has traveled nearly every year for the past 30+ years to Brookside Resort which is near Park Rapids. Park Rapids is about 2 hours north of Minneapolis so it doesn’t make it the easiest place to get to but that is probably why this place is so pristine and undisturbed. Well, the occasional 25 below in the winter might have something to do with that too!

This photo was taken one morning sitting on a dock out on the lake and it captures the peacefulness of the setting pretty well. There wasn’t a breathe of wind and the water reflected like a mirror with some steam coming up which you can vaguely see. But the thing I remember the most was how incredibly quiet it was. Hard to think of capturing “quiet” in a photo but this does a good job of it. No cars, no hum from the big city, not much of anything but the view and a good cup of coffee.

Hope you are able to find a place like this soon. Take it in and remind yourself how fortunate you are.

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