John Deere Tractor

John Deere

There is something therapeutic about the drone of a tractor as you mow acre after acre of land. Some undoubtedly will call that boring – and I certainly wouldn’t want to do it everyday – but it has the ability to take your mind off things, especially the worry and stress that has been too much a part of my life.

And when you are done you get to turn off the motor, sit back and admire your handy work and how great the fields look. I notice here in North Texas many of the big farms plow over their land in the winter and replant with a rye or fescue that grows fast and provides a grazing crop for live stock through cold months when most Texas native grasses are dormant. Our fields are Bermuda and Blue Stem which are hearty and drought resistant, however, as you can see from this picture turn brown after the first frost. I enjoy perennial grasses and flowers as they remind me of the changing seasons and remind you how great spring is when the rains come and the temperature warms up. Plus they are pretty easy to maintain and come back year after year without replanting. The secret is fertilizing once per year and making sure the grass is cut at least 4 times. In doing so weeds are quickly eliminated as these grasses just choke out everything else. We didn’t fertilize this year and while it still looks good the pasture is not as good as last year when our hay baler told me “you have the best grass in Denton County”.

Well, our mowing is done but I see a bunch of tree limbs that need a good trimming. Where is that chainsaw?

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