Mount Shasta, CA

2016 (14)

Amazing how quickly the scenery changes are you drive south from Oregon on I-5 and cross down into California. Just a few hours before we were driving through extreme fog with massive fir trees everywhere but suddenly things dry out and you see the majestic Mount Shasta in the distance. Northern California is a beautiful place and I wish we could go back here for a week to camp and explore the area in detail. Unfortunately we were just passing through as we were making the long drive from Portland to Ft. Worth.

They struck gold here back in the 1850’s before there were roads or the rail had shown up so I can only imagine how difficult life must have been. Fortunately the climate is not too bad and there is great trout fishing at some of the mountain streams but can you imagine taking your horse and wagon 1,500 miles across the Rockies to get here?

The things we take for granted.


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